about me


I’m a Maryland (sub) urbanite who loves food art and travel.

I live with my husband in lovely Ellicott City, Maryland, with a backyard engulfed in the big honking trees of the Patapsco Valley State Park.

Big Tree in my backyard

Big Tree in my backyard

We hang out in the HC (my pet name for Howard County) as well as Baltimore City, where I l lived many years, in the downtown area.  I’ve also lived in Lewes, Del., Chicago, Boston, Charlottesville, Va., and Birmingham, Ala. And I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pa. Maryland is my favorite place of them all.

I embrace high and low culture. My DVR contains recordings of the latest Ken Burns’ documentary and “The Real Housewives of Orange County.”

I’m a Francophile who attends a French meetup group de temps en temps.

I make Indian, Italian, Mexican and Asian food — primarily vegetarian fare. I enjoy most foods except red meat, oysters, clams and mussels.

I have visited about two dozen countries, though, alas, my international travel has come to a temporary halt due to a frozen shoulder. My favorite countries thus far have been Argentina, Croatia, and Italy.

The salt flats in Salta, Argentina; pic by Julekha Dash

The salt flats in Salta, Argentina; pic by Julekha Dash

I am an only child.

I am currently a freelance writer and editor. To learn more about my work experience, visit the work section of this blog.


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