French fry shop opening in Federal Hill


Federal Hill residents will get new munchies to chew on after their bar crawls once a French fry shop moves into their neighborhood.

The Local Fry will move into 21 E. Cross St. sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas, co-owner Kevin Irish says. He and his wife, Elizabeth Irish, will own the 40-seat Baltimore restaurant that was the home of an M&T Bank branch.

Buffalo wings and salads will also be on the menu, but the fries will be the star attraction.

“Without giving too much away, our specialty fries menu will feature fries loaded with unique toppings, sauces and seasonings,” Irish says. “Fries are oftentimes overlooked as just a side dish and our goal is to make it the star, a meal in itself. Think poutine times 10.”

Irish says the concept was born after the couple’s visit to Ireland, where, as you probably know, they are called chips.

“There were dishes we craved from Europe that we couldn’t find in the states. Our menu will have many dishes inspired by our different cultures and our travels around the world.”


French fries

Gratuitous pic of French fries

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