Here’s your guide to new Howard County restaurants

Indian, Peruvian and Italian cuisine are among the new offerings in Howard County’s dining scene. I spoke with the staff of Ananda, an Indian restaurant in Fulton’s Maple Lawn; Seasons 52, a chain at the Mall in Columbia where everything is under 475 calories; Italian chain Maggiano’s, also at the Mall in Columbia; and, Pisco, an Elkridge Peruvian restaurant owned by the same gentleman who owns the sleekly designed Italian restaurant Facci. You can read my story in the Baltimore Sun’s Howard Magazine.

Pictured below is the veranda at Ananda, owned by the same brothers, Binda and Keir Singh, who own the popular Ambassador Dining Room in Baltimore. The restaurant is as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the taste buds. The ambiance harkens the glory days of the British Raj in India. The sumptuous atmosphere reminds me of some of the former British “clubs” that I have frequented in India.

The veranda at Ananda Restaurant in Maple Lawn

The veranda at Ananda Restaurant in Maple Lawn

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